Graphics Design


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Print Media

LCA Digital Marketing Firms is into Print Media as well. It includes printing brochures, newsletters, catalogs, reports, press releases, corporate communications and internal communications, reports, Visiting Cards, Newspaper ads, Magazine & magazine cover designing. Our expert designers & content writers are capable of transforming mundane thoughts & ideas into viable commercial projects; which are appealing to eye & have aesthetic appeal.

Digital Art

LCA Digital Marketing Firms has an array of designs in Digital Art. This entails digital enhancement of simple photographs using image editing & paint software. Unlike an artist who paints with brush & paint, at LCA Digital Marketing Firms we make art more BEAUTIFUL by adding effects which expands the realm of human perception. So what you see is not just a picture but an enhanced expression of a vision. Whereas an artist uses brushes, watercolors, acrylics or oils as a medium, at LCA Digital Marketing Firms a digital artist uses computer tools and technology (software) to enhance the effects.

We can use a digital photograph as a starting point, or can create a digital collage or may also use photo-painting tools to create the desired results. Using 2D & 3D software we create a virtual environment & space and also add depth and reality to it. All said and done, whatever the means we use to create digital art at LCA Digital Marketing Firms, the results are simply ‘phenomenal!’ This is what our clients have to say about us.